SM artists downplay mention of agency during acceptance speeches due to recent controversy Kpop News

SM artists downplay mention of agency during acceptance speeches due to recent controversy Kpop News

Amid the recent controversy with little entertainmentSM artists ruled out a mention lee soo mec in their acceptance speeches at the Cercle Chart Music Awards 2022. This ceremony presided over by NCT’s Doyoung etc Miyeon de (G)I-DLEtook place at the KSPO Dome in Seoul.

NCT received the singer of the year Award in the physical albums category for the first quarter. Doyoung, attending on behalf of the members, said: “Thanks to the Hyungs and Noonas who have worked with us for a long time, we were able to accept such a great prize.” and thanked the employees of the company. added, “We plan to work hard without letting anything bother us as long as there are hyungs and noonas working hard with our fans.”

Aespawho won artist of the year Prize in the category of digital music for July, Karine Firmly, “No matter what activities we do in the future, we will come back with a great album.” winter AGGREGATE, “We’ll be back with a great song this year, so look forward to it.”

It seemed that SM artists were aware of the conflict between SM and Lee Soo Man and tried to minimize any mention. Previously, SM artists expressed their unease about the Lee Soo Man controversy.

Meanwhile, current SM executives and former executive producer Lee Soo Man face a conflict.

co-PDG by SM Lee sang so much pointed out that the sustainability movement campaign that Lee Soo Man is pushing includes his desire for commercial real estate rights and even mentions the legalization of casinos and hemp. This campaign also included content related to tree planting and delayed the return of aespa, shocking many.

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Later, when SM sold a 9.05% stake to cocoa, Lee Soo Man filed a lawsuit against the court for an injunction, alleging that issuing new shares or convertible bonds to a third party during a management litigation is an unlawful act. In addition, Lee Soo Man sold a 14.8% stake EMOTIONALThis makes them the main shareholder of SM.