Sitting in a scary room Full of ghost terror, are you wrong to try?

Sitting in a scary room Full of ghost terror, are you wrong to try?

Apartments in Osaka, Japan, invites visitors for an adrenaline rush in a room full of scary dolls. Experience horror tour This session can be found by travelers who are interested in experiencing the terror of ghosts at Tsutenkaku Tower in Osaka.

As reported Soranews24one of the specially renovated rooms designed by Montana Flat Yebisu, a three-star hotel operator in Japan.

This room is also open for reservations starting August 13, 2022. The room titled “Western-Style Mansion Horror Room” is designed to look like an old Victorian mansion with antique furniture.

The decorations on the ceiling, furniture, carpets, curtains, and walls give the room a very comfortable feel.

Not only that, guests can also watch scary movies directly through the projector that is deliberately placed in the room.

Of course, the thing that made the room even more frightening was the puppets in every corner of the room that seemed to be watching the movements of the visitors in it.

The room is also equipped with general hotel facilities such as a bed, bathroom, and a fully equipped kitchen.

Movie-doll-doll-movieAn example of a scary doll in a house of horrors. (Photo: rengga/CNN)

When guests can’t stand the scary atmosphere in the room, they can take a break by breathing the fresh air outside the balcony while enjoying the view of Tsutenkaku Tower.

These haunted rooms are rented on a two- or five-hour package. The room can also be used as a photo shoot or even a party.

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To rent this room for a two-hour package, you are charged 1,500 yen or about Rp. 155,000 per person. Visitors can also order additional food at an additional cost.

As for the price per night, guests are set at around 4,400 yen or Rupiah IDR 455 per person. If you rent by the hour, there is no limit on people, but the stay package allows a maximum of three guests.


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