‘Single’s Inferno 2’ Star Lee Reveals Nadine’s Ideal Type Based on Her Favorite Celebs

‘Single’s Inferno 2’ Star Lee Reveals Nadine’s Ideal Type Based on Her Favorite Celebs

bachelor hell 2 Etoile Lee Nadine revealed in an interview with his ideal type KOREA NOW.

Lee Nadine | Netflix

The interviewer asked Nadine to play an “ideal World Cup game”. She chose her favorite of the two men given.

The game started with btsit is youngkook Oui v. Nadine clarified that she relied solely on looks before settling on Jungkook. Oddly enough, Nadine’s bachelor hell 2 dear interest Kim Jin young He was compared to Jungkook.

Nadine then had to choose between best friends and the cast of “Wooga Squad”. Choi woo shik Oui parc seo joon. Without hesitation, Nadine chose Woo Shik.

Among Korean soccer stars cho kyu chant Oui son heungminNadine chose Son Heung Min!

Of course, Nadine had to choose one bachelor hell 2 competitor. So her friend enters Kim Hanbin and Kim Jin Young, of course, chose Jin Young. She answered with a chuckle and asked if she dialed too quickly.

In the second round, Nadine had to choose between her previous answers. He didn’t hesitate to choose Woo Shik over Jungkook.

She shyly chose Son Heung Min over Jin Young. Nadine apologized to her co-star, but we can’t blame her. After all, it’s Son Heung Min!

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In the final round, Nadine finally chose Woo Shik. She explained that he was her ideal type.

I think it looks very clean. i like small eyes They’re sharper, but they also have a soft look to them, and I think it has those qualities.

– Lee Nadine

Nadine is very loyal to Choi Woo Shik! Again and again she expressed her love for him.

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Watch Nadine’s full interview below.