Singer Haesoo dies at the age of 29 Soompi

Singer Haesoo dies at the age of 29 Soompi

Haesoo is the singer who sadly passed away recently.

Not so long ago it became known that the police had unfortunately found a dead singer, along with a message that resembled a suicide note.

If the media told us about a singer in her 30s, today we learn that it is Haesoo, a singer who was 29 years old.

In his fan café, one of his representatives announced:

“This is Haesoopia, the official fan café of the trotting singer Haesoo.

We apologize for having to deliver such heartbreaking and sad news.

On May 12th, Haesoo left us and became a light in the vast ocean.

Haesoo was a warm-hearted person who knew how to give love, share and receive affection for those around him.

Her grieving family, acquaintances and colleagues are all mourning her with heavy hearts after learning of the sudden and sad news.

According to the wish of the bereaved, the burial will take place in peace and privacy. We sincerely ask that you refrain from spreading speculation, writing malicious reports and spreading rumors so that the deeply saddened family can mourn the loss of his loved one and say a peaceful farewell.

We express our condolences for the last journey of the deceased. »

If you ever need help, remember to seek help and support. There are many numbers you can call if you need help, but you can also contact relatives or someone you trust. Remember that life is precious, your existence matters and most importantly, you are not alone.

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Source: Osen