Singapore Closes Jurong Bird Park From January 2023

Singapore Closes Jurong Bird Park From January 2023

Singapore he announced that he will stop working Jurong Bird Park or Jurong Bird Park, starting from January 3, 2023. This means that there are still four months left for the park to open to the public.

Jurong Bird Park is the largest bird park in Asia. Jurong Bird Park is home to about 3,500 birds including flamingos, parrots, penguins and eagles.

When it was first opened in 1971, the new park had a collection of a thousand birds of 60 species. Then this number grew rapidly and it is believed that the collection reached 400 species.

For about 52 years, various interesting stories have been drawn there. In 2018, one horn player received a 3D printed tattoo after battling cancer. The prosthetic is attached to the top of the mouth.

Flamingos also caught the attention of the public after the visit of Squish, a chicken. Squish is seen walking around the breeding and research center in shiny blue shoes to improve his leg strength and protect his feet from the hard ground.

Last December, there was a vulture that got lost, because it deviated from the migration route and entered Singapore. After receiving treatment in the garden, these vultures fly again.

The closure of the park does not mean that these birds will be released into the wild and the park will change its mind. Jurong Bird Park will join the Singapore Zoo, Night Safari and Banyan Tree Park to form a tourism hub. This tourist center is scheduled to open in 2023.

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“There are many of us who joined the organization in its early days and have been around for centuries,” park vice president Daisy Ling said in an official statement. Travel CNN.

It is said that Jurong Bird Park will continue to operate as usual until the closing date. All staff will organize activities, tours and itineraries that focus on the park’s history.


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