SinB (VIVIZ) writes a touching letter in memory of his friend Moonbin (ASTRO) Soompi

SinB (VIVIZ) writes a touching letter in memory of his friend Moonbin (ASTRO) Soompi

SinB also left a message at Moonbin’s memorial.

Known as one of the ASTRO member’s close friends, the VIVIZ member recently visited the memorial dedicated to the young man to leave a letter addressed to him.

It reads:

“Bin-ah, it’s me, Eunbi. how is it over there Is it filled with the things you like? I really hope that’s the case. We’ve known each other for so long, haven’t we? Ever since we were kids. But even though I’ve known you for 18 years, there were still times I felt shy and testy around you. I am very sorry that I cannot say nice words to you.

I regret things, I’m sad, I remember things and I’m sorry, all for a while. I think I spent the whole day thinking about you too. I can imagine you being up there thinking it’s not usual for me to behave like this, sighing and going, “Uh, why is she like that?” So please bear with me!

There are so many words I want to say, but I’ll take my time and tell you little by little. Bin-ah, like you always asked me, I’ll take care of Sua and your parents. So don’t worry about anything and just live for your own happiness.

I have been so happy and so reassured to be with you since we were children, in our youth and in our twenties. I thought I would grow old with you until we became grandfather and grandmother. But I’ll be the only one growing old now it seems. Watch me grow old from up there, laugh at me and tease me all you want! Later, when we meet again, we fight and fight as we please.

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Bin-ah, you have been a precious and reliable friend to me and have become a strength for me simply by existing as you were. I’m sorry to only tell you now. When someone asks me who my closest friend was, I have no hesitation in saying, as I do now, it’s you!

My pride, the cool Bin, you are so precious! I will come visit you often. Rest in peace. I am so sorry and sorry again. Know that I love you ! Thanks and I love you brat.