Shotaro writes a letter to fans after leaving NCT Soompi

Shotaro writes a letter to fans after leaving NCT Soompi

Shotaro sent a letter to fans.

On May 24, SM Entertainment announced its plans for 2023, and we learned that Shotaro and Sungchan would be leaving NCT to join the agency’s future boy band.

Following this, Shotaro wrote a letter to fans on Instagram, which read:

“Hello, this is Shotaro. I think you were really shocked after seeing today’s video. First and foremost, I want to thank the fans who have supported me so far. I think what has been my greatest strength throughout my promotions at NCT has been the very existence of the fans.

I was so happy thanks to the constant love and support in all my promotions in music shows, various content and performances! And there are fans who have told me they could work hard because I exist and have thanked me. When I heard that, I believe that I too was able to draw more strength.

thank you

The time I spent with my fans is a beautiful memory. Thank you for always looking at my promotions with a warm eye. And I would like to express my gratitude to the members who have treated me like family since I arrived until now. I respect the members who have always shown me a cool and awesome side, whether at work or when we were together in everyday life.

It was a real pleasure and honor for me to be promoted to such a valuable team as NCT. I believe that the valuable experiences I have gained through my promotions at NCT will give me the strength to become an artist everyone will be proud of! i will work hard

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I’ll be back “soon”, cooler than ever, so wait a little longer for me! »