Shotaro and Sungchan leave NCT to debut in new boy band Soompi

Shotaro and Sungchan leave NCT to debut in new boy band Soompi

Shotaro and Sungchan leave NCT.

On May 24, SM Entertainment announced that the two members were leaving NCT and joining a new boy band.

The agency said:

« C’est SM Entertainment,

We want to express our sincere thanks to all the fans who love and support NCT.
Below is an announcement on the future plans of SUNGCHAN and SHOTARO.

As members of NCT, SUNGCHAN and SHOTARO have given fantastic performances.
However, they will close their chapter with NCT and debut in a new boy band to be formed in 2023.
We deeply apologize and thank the fans who have supported her and have been waiting to see her debut in NCT’s new group.

After much deliberation and discussion with SUNGCHAN and SHOTARO in preparation for SM 3.0,
We came to the decision that would best reflect the thinking of the artists and the musical direction of each group.
We ask for your understanding and support as SUNGCHAN and SHOTARO open a new chapter.

NCT’s new group will be the latest group to join NCT’s expansion.
That’s why we plan to launch it with its own worldview that represents the regional identity.
Accordingly, we will increase the number of Japanese members, introduce new members and share the journey to their debut with fans.

We will give our full support not only to NCT members but also to SUNGCHAN and SHOTARO.
We ask again that fans continue to love and support their future endeavors, unchanged.

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thank you »