“She still has her moves!” • Kpop News

“She still has her moves!” • Kpop News

THIS legendary 1st generation K-pop icon was swept up in the ‘hype boy’ trend, capturing the attention of fans internationally and locally.

Do you want to know who this idol is? So read on!

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Former SES Eugene leaves viewers in awe of NewJeans’ dance cover Hype Boy

The first generation idol is none other than SES’ Eugene, who managed to steal everyone’s anticipation with a Hype Boy dance cover!

THIS 1st generation K-pop icon made a cover

(Photo: Instagram: @eugene810303)

On February 25, Eugene held a fan meeting. According to the idol, it’s been a while since she’s hosted a rally encouraging fan interaction.

Eugene’s supporters were quick to join the post’s comments section, declaring their excitement for his event.

The fan meetup was at 2pm KST at the Bardot Art Hall. Fans were thrilled to take part and connect with the iconic idol. During the event, Eugene went with the “Hype Boy” trend and showed off his impressive dancing skills.

Eugene’s cover left viewers completely breathless due to its sharp dance moves and precise choreography. NewJeans’ “Hype Boy” is one of the hottest K-pop songs today and has spawned hundreds of covers across the internet. Going with the flow, Eugene never failed to put on a remarkable dance performance on stage!
Former SES Eugene, 41, posts pictures of the
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(Photo: Eugene (Instagram))

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Fans couldn’t contain their amazement and took to social media, where they praised Eugene for his performance. Others even pointed out Eugene’s talent for dancing, despite being a first-generation idol. See their reactions below:

“Even Unnie said she loves to dance and wants to show it off at a fan meetup and at practice. Getting crazy!” “Guys. SES 1st generation female idol Eugene Unnie dances ‘Hype Boy’ in real life. Oh I think I’m really going to pass out. The dance is crazy.” “Eugene’s true skills lie behind his good looks.” “Oh my god. She hasn’t changed at all since her SES days. She still has her moves and expressions. His cover is one of the best ‘Hype Boy’ covers I’ve seen.” “She’s still like a fairy.”

Check out his cover of Hype Boy here:


From HOT fangirl to legendary SES fairy, Eugene shares how she was discovered by SM Entertainment

In other news, Eugene also revealed how she became an idol in the first place. On June 20, 2021, K-pop “Original Fairy” Eugene appeared on the SBS show “Tikita CAR”.

Former SES Eugene, 41, posts pictures of the

(Photo: Eugene (Instagram))

The singer and actress opened up about her career in which she opened up about her golden days in K-pop as a member of SES. Eugene piqued fans’ curiosity as SM discovered her to become an idol.

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Before Eugene entered the industry, he was taken down the K-pop rabbit hole with the pioneering K-pop group HOT and visited them at the airport. To his surprise, Eugene also met Lee Soo Man, the founder of SM, and exchanged numbers with him.

Eugene shared that after a few days she was contacted and asked if she could visit SM Entertainment.

“We exchanged numbers at the time and he contacted me a few days later. He asked me if I could come to Korea and visit them at SM Entertainment.

Did Eugene’s Hype Boy dance cover blow your mind?

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