SEVENTEEN’s S.Coups break corporate rules to surprise CARAT

SEVENTEEN’s S.Coups break corporate rules to surprise CARAT

SEVENTEEN have recently wrapped up the first night of their official SEVENTEEN in CARAT LAND fan meetup. This is the seventh time this special meeting between the group and the fans has taken place!

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As expected, the group gave the fans great performances and even played songs like “Pretty U” that hadn’t been seen in a long time.

The band has even danced covers of popular songs like THE SERAFIM“ANTIFRAGILE”, New jeans“The same” and NOIRPINK“Shut Down” on stage…

…and presented BSS‘s “Fighting” as a new endless encore.

At one point during the show, the CARATs laugh and tremble with excitement.

During spoken word towards the end of the show, each member had an opportunity to share their feelings with fans.

Fan S.CoupsIn return, he mentioned that the company had told him that there was something he shouldn’t talk about until the last day of CARAT LAND.

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He goes on to say:My charm is that I don’t listen well‘ and in the next sentence massive information about the upcoming comeback of SEVENTEEN!

After revealing the group will be making a comeback in April, S.Coups is hilariously dubbed the “bad boy.” mingyu says he’s just to give a hint.

SEVENTEEN was equally surprised by his “rule breaking” and their reactions can be seen in clips captured by fans!

The fans are very excited about the upcoming comeback of SEVENTEEN!