SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi goes rogue and introduces Pledis Entertainment’s new boy band during “SEVENTEEN In CARAT LAND”.

SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi goes rogue and introduces Pledis Entertainment’s new boy band during “SEVENTEEN In CARAT LAND”.

SEVENTEEN recently held their 7th Korean Fan Gathering SEVENTEEN at CARAT LANDand like the previous six, this three-day fan gathering was just as iconic.

(Top row, left to right) Mingyu, Jeonghan, S.Coups, Vernon, Hoshi, The8, Woozi, and Seungkwan of SEVENTEEN (Bottom row, left to right) Wonwoo, DK, Joshua, Dino, and Jun| @pledis_17/twitter

The annual event, held at the KSPO Dome this year, was filled with unforgettable and heartwarming moments as SEVENTEEN was able to spend time with beloved CARATs.

Iconic traditions have returned 2023 CARAT TERREincluding jeonghanIt’s a sweet tradition to bring and give out sweets to give away to fans…

…to legendary covers of songs by other artists, including I HAVE“After I LOVE” TWICE Nayeon“POP!” New jeans“Same” and “Attention”, NOIRPINKPink Venom and Shut Down BTS Suga“Daeshwita” and more…

…in more emotional times, like when SEVENTEEN were surprised by letters of support from their parents, leaving few dry-eyed in the KSPO Dome and among the CARATs watching the performance virtually.

As expected, alongside the funny and emotional moments, there was also a bit of mayhem from the fun-loving members.

Le Leader de SEVENTEEN S.Coups took matters into his own hands to announce the group would be making two comebacks in 2023, including one in April, after hilariously receiving instructions not to notify fans until the last day of CARAT TERRE.

Following the example of the group leader SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi also hilariously “defying” the company’s directives, enthusiastically introducing five trainees to the crowd and announcing that they would be Pledi’s entertainmentis the next group of boys.

Hoshi reminded them to put on their masks, and the Pledis Entertainment trainees kept their identities a secret as they greeted fans for the first time.

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As he pointed to the future group in the crowd, his colleagues shouted exuberantly: “Hoshi may have just got himself in trouble… the CEO probably won’t like it,” while dazed jokingly added: “Whenever the CEO tells us not to do something, it’s always Choi Seungcheol and Kwon Soonyoung who come out and do those very things.

This moment of pride reminded the CARATs NOW‘s Showcase 2013, where they presented their junior group SEVENTEEN and introduced the new boy band from Pledis Entertainment CARAT TERRE even more significant.

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