SEVENTEEN the round trip and Avril – K-GEN

SEVENTEEN the round trip and Avril – K-GEN

SEVENTEEN will be back soon!

On March 10th boy band leader S.Coups surprised the fans on the first day of the ‘SEVENTEEN in CARAT LAND’ fan meeting with an announcement.

In fact, the idol revealed that SEVENTEEN will be making their comeback in April, stating during the event: “The agency told me to say it on the last day [du fanmeeting ; le 12 Mars], but my charm is that I don’t follow orders. In April we celebrate our comeback. »

In a phone call to Media Dispatch on March 11, Pledis Entertainment then confirmed S.Coups’ words.

During this exchange, the agency announced: “SEVENTEEN will be releasing a new album next month. Parallel to the joint work on the album, the members are preparing their fan meeting. They are currently in the final stages of preparing the album. »

Dispatch also revealed that the album will consist of music that SEVENTEEN members participated in and they are expected with a song with a spring atmosphere.

This will be SEVENTEEN’s first comeback since the release of SECTOR 17 in July 2022.

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