SEVENTEEN is making a comeback this month!

SEVENTEEN is making a comeback this month!

On March 11th, PLEDIS Entertainment confirmed to Dispatch through a phone call that SEVENTEEN will be releasing a new album in April.

The agency confirmed that the members are currently hard at work on the final preparations for the album.

“The members of SEVENTEEN prepare their fan meeting and work on the new album at the same time” said the agency.

(Photo: Seventeen Twitter)

SEVENTEEN leader S. Coups unexpectedly revealed their reunion announcement on the first night of their SEVENTEEN in CARAT LAND fan meetup, shocking fans and possibly even his agency.

The company advised me to say it on the last day (of the fan meeting), but part of my appeal is that of course I’m disobedient,” S.Coups said playfully. “We will come back in April.

SEVENTEEN’s Repackaged Album “SECTOR 17”

In July of last year, SEVENTEEN made their final comeback as a full group when they released their repackaged album SECTOR 17.

Seventeen, 4th repack of the complete album 'SECTOR 17', official photo added

(Photo: Seventeen Twitter)

Following the release of their repackaged fourth album Sector 17 in July 2022, this will mark the boy band’s first comeback in around 9 months.


Earlier this year, the SEVENTEEN BSS unit topped several national music charts and became the workers’ morning anthem with their comeback title track “Fighting!” (feat. Lee Young Ji).

With the release of their debut single “SECOND WIND” and the music video for the album’s first single, SEVENTEEN’s BSS, a group consisting of Seungkwan, DK and Hoshi, are making a comeback.

BSS unveils MV teaser

(Photo: Seventeen Twitter)

Woozi, Hoshi, S.Coups, DK and Seungkwan from SEVENTEEN along with Bumzu, Lee Young Ji and Park Ki Tae produced the upbeat song “Fighting” which has an energetic funk beat.

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The upbeat song “Battle” accurately portrays the modern thirst of its audience.

Current SEVENTEEN awards

However, the 37th Japan Gold Disc Awards were held and the winners were announced by the Recording Industry Association of Japan (RIAJ).

SEVENTEEN was awarded along with other groups like BTS, IVE and Kep1er. Three wins for SEVENTEEN in 2023: “DREAM”, their latest Japanese EP, won Album of the Year (Asia) and “Face the Sun”, their Korean studio album, won two of this year’s top 3 albums (Asia) . .


(Photo: Twitter: @pledis_17)
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Recently, fans were specifically warned about a recently planned festival by Seventeen’s agency PLEDIS Entertainment, which admitted the event was a scam.

The event, dubbed the “FEST WORLD TOUR 2023,” announces SEVENTEEN performances at the event without band agency approval. Therefore, PLEDIS Entertainment has warned fans not to engage in any transactional activities with the event.

With a Brand Reputation Index of 3,699.06, SEVENTEEN ranked third in the Korean Business Research Institute’s Male Idol Reputation Ranking for the month of March.

SEVENTEEN’s track “Don’t Wanna Cry” remains their most watched MV with 235.9 million views. All 13n members are in perfect sync with the dance and a vibrant and upbeat visual motif, SEVENTEEN have truly established their status in the K-pop industry.

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