SEVENTEEN Goes “Awesome” in Powerful Music Video

SEVENTEEN Goes “Awesome” in Powerful Music Video

SEVENTEEN celebrated their eagerly awaited comeback with “Super” and gave CARAT another boost for 2023.

Here are the details.

SEVENTEEN impress CARAT with powerful music video for “SUPER”

On April 24th at 6pm KST, SEVENTEEN finally made their comeback with “FML”, their 10th mini-album, along with the double tracks “Super” and “F*ck My Life”.

(Photo: Twitter: @pledis_17)

SEVENTEEN released the official music video for “Super” which featured punchy music due to its instrumental, vocal, rapping and sharp choreography.

Watch the music video for ‘Super’ here:


According to their tracklist, the song was composed and written by SEVENTEEN members Woozi, S.Coups and Vernon with BUMZU and August Rigo.

The music to “Super” shows the evolving sound that SEVENTEEN have implemented into their songs and will continue to evolve over time. Fans were thrilled to receive the bop and offered their thoughts on the comments.


(Photo: Twitter: @pledis_17)

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CARAT praised the members for their performance and energy while also praising the song’s liveliness. Others commented that SEVENTEEN’s new music will be a great addition to the year-end performances.

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Read their comments here:

“This music is so energetic, what powerful choreography!”

“I mean look at their ‘awesome’ looks, ‘awesome’ voice, ‘awesome’ attractiveness, ‘awesome’ team, ‘awesome’ team, ‘awesome’ CARAT fans.”

“No CARAT, but this MV is spectacular. I hope they will keep climbing.”

“My preference is Jun, but gosh, Jeonghan and Boo are both on fire! These vocal units dance like monsters. Seventeen never ceases to amaze us!”

“It’s such a strong comeback. As always!”

“This song is so intense and I love the rhythm. I am proud to be a CARAT.”

“There’s only one take in this MV, but they managed to go all out production-wise.”

“Oh my god, people are so professional and amazing!”

SEVENTEEN’s new album “FML” achieves the highest pre-orders in K-pop history

Also, SEVENTEEN’s “FML” made remarkable achievements prior to its release. On April 23, PLEDIS Entertainment announced that SEVENTEEN has surpassed 4.64 million stock pre-orders, cementing a new record in K-Pop history.


(Photo: Twitter: @pledis_17)

Stock pre-order numbers represent the amount of album stock that will be produced prior to the album’s official release. The overall result is determined by analyzing data from the number of fan pre-orders. On April 13, SEVENTEEN’s “FML” surpassed the 4 million mark in pre-ordered shares for the first time.

This led to the group BTS following, who topped the same number in February 2020 with Map of the Soul: 7.

This year 2023 both CARATs and SEVENTEEN should have a great year as evidenced by the group’s good start. Fans around the world can also enjoy her other track for “FML” entitled “F*ck My Life”.

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Listen to the song here:


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