‘Seungri’s Rumored Girlfriend’ Yoo Hye Won Reveals How She Takes Care of Her Mental Health

‘Seungri’s Rumored Girlfriend’ Yoo Hye Won Reveals How She Takes Care of Her Mental Health

Influencer Yoo Hye Won, who is said to be dating Seungri, advised fans to “meet positive people” to improve their mental state.

On April 23, Yoo Hye Won spent some time engaging with fans via Q&A on her Instagram story.

a fan asked “If you think you’re stuck in a really difficult situation and a seemingly unsolvable problem, how do you get out of it?”. In response, Yoo Hye Won said: “I meet healthy, positive people who don’t think negatively”add to “Fortunately there are a lot of good people around me, so I think I live with a very healthy mind.”

she continued “If there is someone who gives you a positive attitude when you are going through a difficult time, it would be so nice if you could receive their positive and healthy energy.”add to “I want to meet you too and help you in this way.”

Finally, Yoo Hye Won said: “That too should pass. Don’t be discouraged”.

On March 22, Dispatch reported that Yoo Hye Won and former Big Bang member Seungri traveled together to Bangkok, Thailand. The two had previously been involved in dating rumors twice in 2018 and 2020.

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Regarding the news, Yoo Hye Won immediately said: “I find myself in a very painful situation mentally as I remain silent as unfounded speculation and high profile malicious comments continue to mount. Thanks to those who gave me even more support and encouragement, I was able to get through this difficult time with a grateful heart.” add to “I have gathered evidence of baseless conversations that have been circulated as facts as well as malicious comments and I will pursue legal action without leniency.”

Yoo Hye Won and Seungri’s dating rumor first broke out in 2018, but the two sides didn’t have clear positions because “It was the intimacy of the artists”.

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After being investigated by police for prostitution and habitual gambling in June 2019, Seungri enrolled in Cheorwon Training Camp in Gangwon-do in March 2020 and Yoo Hye Won was seen in his car. Yoo Hye Won’s agency again refused to explain the situation.

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