Seungri has enjoyed his life despite the troubles while Taeyang has had a tough time – Kpopnews

Seungri has enjoyed his life despite the troubles while Taeyang has had a tough time – Kpopnews

Big Bang Taeyang indirectly mentioned the difficulties he faced due to the scandal involving former member Seungri.

At a music listening party recently held to mark the release of his new album, Taeyang said: “There seemed to be a number of situations that were not easy to overcome. I can’t explain it to you in detail, but I was in the army at the time and it was very difficult for me to communicate with the outside world. I felt very frustrated and exhausted.”

Taeyang gave no specific circumstances or reasons. However, in 2018, when Taeyang was still serving in the military, Seungri was named as one of the main culprits behind the burning sun scandal. Seungri was later imprisoned for a year and six months on a total of nine counts, including prostitution, organizing prostitution, embezzlement, habitual gambling, violating the foreign exchange transaction law, violating the food hygiene law, etc. He was released from prison in early February this year .

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Since his release, Seungri has continued to stir up controversy. Recently it became known that he called his acquaintances and asked them to go to the club with him. In addition, Seungri was also spotted on a trip to Thailand with his alleged girlfriend Yoo Hye Won.


Recently, a video was released of him enthusiastically shaking a bottle of soju while drinking with acquaintances, which caused displeasure. Grace Tahir, famous co-founder of Indonesia’s Mayapada Hospital and medical entrepreneur, posted a video of a drinking session with Seungri. In the video posted, Seungri demonstrates stunts like shaking a soju bottle and hitting the bottom of a soju bottle while smiling brightly and wearing sunglasses.

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To this Tahir explained, “Seungri is in good mental and physical shape. He also likes to talk, he said it wasn’t time for an interview yet. add to, “Seungri didn’t get drunk and barely touched alcohol. We asked him to show us the famous Korean whirlwind trick, which he kindly did.

Nonetheless, criticism mounted as Seungri showed no “consideration” or “remorse”.

Meanwhile, Taeyang showed a magnanimous side, covering up his former band member’s shame.


Meanwhile, Taeyang released his new solo album “Down to Earth” on April 25 at 6pm (KST). The album consists of 6 songs including the title track “Seed” where Taeyang was directly involved in writing the lyrics. Meanwhile, tracks featuring Jimin from BTS, Lisa, Beenzino and Bryan Chase from BLACKPINK are also included, which raises expectations.

Source: Daum