Seungkwan (SEVENTEEN) pays a beautiful tribute to his best friend Moonbin (ASTRO) on Instagram – K-GEN

Seungkwan (SEVENTEEN) pays a beautiful tribute to his best friend Moonbin (ASTRO) on Instagram – K-GEN

Seungkwan paid a nice tribute to his friend Moonbin.

Known for being very close friends with the recently deceased ASTRO member, the SEVENTEEN member is bound to be affected by what happened.

Then, on April 28, Seungkwan wrote a tribute post to Moonbin on Instagram and attached several photos and videos taken next to him.

In his long message he writes:

“You were someone who made me see the world differently. It’s hard to get along with someone that good.

We walked for hours aimlessly just to take nice photos.
We got lost in our thoughts and watched the sky at night.
We sang in the street after drinking alcohol.

You always charged my phone for me when I got tired.
They said we should exercise even when it rained, so we rode Namsan in the rain.
If we ordered food in the middle of the night because we were hungry, we’d send each other pictures the next day to see who ate the most.
When we ate, you looked at me with a happy expression and said to me: “Father, you eat so well” (in dialect).

We laughed at useless things, we blushed and fought over useless things.
And there were times when, despite our sadness over the distance, we stopped contacting each other just because we were too proud, but we always ended up apologizing and admitting we missed each other.
And we made up and had even more fun than before, like nothing had ever happened.

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We worked as hard as we played. And you’re admirable for always being so good at it.
You took care of me and analyzed me more carefully than anyone, and you respected me more than anyone.
You were nice and always had good manners with people around me, so everyone complimented you when we talked about you.

You were happy and sad for me every moment and shared my feelings as if they were your own.
To my friend Bin, with whom we could say “I love you” without it being weird or embarrassing, and who comforted and hugged me to the end, saying that you are a good person is very far from away from what you really are.
You are the pride of my life.
After all, I can live with the pride of saying that I was your best friend, right?

If I want to see you, I can see you, and if I want to hear you, I can hear you.
I truly believe that you watched over me from heaven.
You’ll watch me for those promotions too, won’t you? I’ll consider your feedback so please take care of me, I’ll get through this no matter what you think about watching me.

I’m honored to have been your friend.
And thank you for being my friend.
Thank you again for teaching me so much and giving me so much.

Be who you want to be up there, free yourself from responsibility, pressure and guilt. Do what you feel like and wait for me.
I will overcome all this and move on.
And I will take care of the people you love and create many memories.
So that our memories don’t fade, I will share all my memories with you around me for everyone who loves you.

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I hope that you will watch these moments with a smile again.
And if you need anything, come to me in my dreams.
No matter what you see up there, let’s still be friends in the next life! I’ll hold you tight in my arms when I see you again.

I love you so much. You’ve worked hard, Bin. »