Self-employed: what is social porting?

Self-employed: what is social porting?

Self-employment can be very rewarding, but it also entails administrative responsibilities and limited social protection. However, there is an interesting alternative: wage portage. This system combines corporate freedom and employee security. How does this way of working work? What are the benefits of wage porting?

The principle of wage portage

Wage portage is a three-party contract between a transferred employee, a contracting company and a corporate customer. The employee carries out orders for the customer company and is also an employee of the contract transport company, which is responsible for administration and accounting.

In return, the payroll company receives a commission on the turnover of the promoted employee. It is possible to have an idea of ​​his salary with a wage portage simulation based on the ADR (Average Day Rate) or turnover. Most of the time, these online simulation tools are free, fast and non-binding.

Wage Portage is a form of work accessible to all professionals who want to work as a freelancer without taking any risks. It is therefore compatible with many trades. Can be worn:

  • management and finance professionals,
  • project managers and executives,
  • digital freelancers,
  • the engineers,
  • marketing consultant.

Also note that worn employee status requires a number of prerequisites. In order to become one, a qualification for the practiced profession is required in particular. You must have at least a level 5 (Bac +2) professional qualification or at least 3 years of experience in the field of activity. You should also be a motivated individual capable of finding clients and negotiating service costs independently.

Real benefits for being a freelancer

Wage porting offers the self-employed many advantages.

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Good social security

we can not mention the benefits of wage portage without mentioning social security. The supported worker enjoys full social protection. These generally include:

  • Social insurance,
  • Unemployment insurance,
  • pension contribution,
  • the reciprocity,
  • foresight.

It is often difficult for the traditional self-employed to obtain such social security protection. THE portage salary is therefore the ideal solution for professionals who want to benefit from complete social protection.

More safety

Another major advantage of this way of working is security. In fact, the self-employed person concludes an employment contract contract transport company, which gives you legal certainty. In the event of a dispute or problem related to the performance of his duties, the employee is protected by the regulated and secure framework of wage transfer. This allows the professional to focus on his job without having to worry about administrative and accounting management.


Salary portage is a greatly simplified scheme. For example, in order to start work, the self-employed person does not have to take any steps with the administration. Unlike a traditional freelancer, he does not need to have a SIRET number and does not need to set up a company. A simple contract signature with a contracting company enough for him to start. This formality is also free of charge and can be completed online in just a few minutes.

In addition, the professional is exempt from all billing and declaration procedures during transport: the transport company takes care of everything. She is responsible for issuing and collecting invoices. It also declares income, pays social security contributions and is responsible for collecting income tax at source.

Finally, unlike the micro-enterprise regime, carry is not capped of income. The reward of the promoted worker can therefore evolve without being obliged to change his status.

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The steps to follow to become a supported employee

Before starting the work process a contracting company, it is important to check if you are eligible for this program. Also, based on your work experience, ask yourself the right questions to find out if carrying is the best solution for you. After these two steps, the process to wear is relatively simple.

Start searching a contracting company. Do some research on the internet and compare the different offers to find the structure that best suits your needs. Once you have found a structure that suits you, contact them to learn more about their offers and how they work.

Don’t hesitate to ask any questions that matter to you to make sure the company really lives up to your expectations. If you are happy with that the offer of the payroll companyyou need to sign a service contract.

Once the service contract is signed, you can carry out your missions in complete safety. At the end of every month the transport company takes stock of your sales and pays your remuneration directly into your account.

How do you choose your contract transport company?

All contractors are not equal in terms of services, management fees and responsiveness. Likewise, some organizations may have questionable practices or not be very transparent in the way they operate. It is therefore important to proceed carefully and avoid risky decisions.

One of the main criteria that should guide your choice remains the cost of the services. It is important to take into account the prices offered by different transport companies, but don’t be tempted by overly tempting offers. Take the time to carefully compare the services included in each offer to avoid any unpleasant surprises. It’s also important to consider the experience of the company you choose.

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Choose reputable companies with proven experience in the area of ​​wage portage. Read customer reviews to get an idea of ​​their satisfaction. Also check that the company is certified and approved by the relevant bodies.

The quality of customer service is also an important criterion. Do not hesitate to contact them directly and ask any questions to better assess the quality of support. Remember that good customer service is a guarantee of quality contract transport company.

Finally, some umbrella companies offer additional services that may be useful for your business, such as: B. professional training. They also offer assistance in starting a business or contacting potential clients. Check whether these additional services meet your actual needs.

Are there any disadvantages with this way of working?

Even if Wage portage has many advantages, it still has some disadvantages to consider. First of all, note that this way of working can be associated with relatively high administration costs.

In fact, the contract transport company receives a commission on the turnover achieved in return for the services it offers. In some cases, management fees can account for up to around 10% of sales. This can reduce the self-employed person’s profit margin.

Note that too salary portage causes slightly higher social security contributions compared to other self-employment statuses: almost 50% for a supported worker. On the other hand, an entrepreneur in a SARL (Limited Liability Company) or SASU (Simple Simplified Joint Stock Company) is deducted approximately up to 41-45% of his turnover.

Finally, the self-employed person does not have the same status as a traditional employee in wage transfer, which may limit their access to certain rights and benefits. Among these we can mention paid holidays or meal vouchers.