Security Guard SEVENTEEN Launches Dispatch For A Loop During Airport Concert –

Security Guard SEVENTEEN Launches Dispatch For A Loop During Airport Concert –

On January 21 (KST), SEVENTEENit is jeonghan Oui hoshi returned to Korea via Incheon International Airport after attending Fashion Week in Paris, France.

Jeonghan from SEVENTEEN in Paris | post Office

To greet the members, the Korean press, including post OfficeHe introduced himself in the arrivals hall. As usual, the press began broadcasting the expectation of the idols live.

A little over 55 minutes into the livestream, SEVENTEEN’s security guard was seen walking towards a dispatch camera. The attendant gave a stern look, enough for fans watching the show to admit they were intimidated for a second.

| Shipping to KOREA/YouTube

That was… until the guard made an unexpected move. dazed heart out of nothing!

I was watching the live stream when the security guard looked at the camera with a super creepy expression on his face. I was intimidated even though I looked at home. But then he pulled one out woo-ah-hae unexpectedly. What the hell? LMFAO. You can hear the reporters screaming.

— @regittfos/Twitter

The “Cheek Heart”, also known as that of Carats “Woo-ah-hae” Heart, it’s an endearing gesture that Woozi likes to show as a token of his love for fans.

tricked by the guard woo-ah-haeDispatch’s camera began shaking as reporters backstage gasped in shock.

He must have done it without knowing the camera was live. lol

— @regittfos/Twitter

When the security guard was told it was a live stream he too seemed misled and was later heard asking to be edited in some way!

reporter: What the hell-?!

homme: Are you live. It’s a live webcam!


homme: Yes, it’s live. It’s streaming!

(camera shake increases)

reporter: Thank you, security team…

Shameful? Maybe for the goalkeeper.

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| Shipping to KOREA/YouTube

However, for Carats and other K-Pop fans, the Raw concert is now an all-time favorite!

| elqoo

  • “The reporter losing his shit is absolutely hilarious HAHAHAHA.”
  • “So even the security people at SEVENTEEN are funny?” lol.”
  • “WOO-AH-HAE!”
  • “How delicious! Ah ah ah ah!”
  • “Hilarious holy damn shit. LMAO”.
  • “This is driving me insane HAHAHA!”
  • “However, watch the camera shake. LMAO”.
  • “She must have learned it from someone?” lol.”

Watch the whole show here.