SBS Reveals Text Messages CEO Kang Sent As She Forced OMEGA Xs Off Plane – K-GEN

SBS Reveals Text Messages CEO Kang Sent As She Forced OMEGA Xs Off Plane – K-GEN

The revelations regarding the OMEGA X affair continue.

Text messages sent by CEO Kang and Spire Entertainment staff have been revealed.

In that first exchange below you can find the text messages CEO Kang sent to the manager of OMEGA X as he tried to ignore the CEO’s messages in favor of Jaehan, a member who had been abusive to her for a few days.

PDG Kan: Manager XXX, you caused misunderstandings between the artist and the agency with all your lies. You will be officially dismissed because it is grounds for dismissal.

PDG Kang: If you still accompany our artists, I will file a complaint against you.

PDG Kang: XXX, get off the plane.

PDG Kang: It’s an order. XXX and Kim Jaehan, get off the plane.

PDG Kang: You will both be penalized for staying on this plane for violating company orders. XXX and Kim Jaehan, get off the plane.

PDG Kang: Both of you get off.

PDG Kang: come down You two go downstairs. I made myself clear. come down

PDG Kang: Not only are you fired, your contract has expired. Get off the plane, you two. Get off the plane XXX now.

PDG Kang: Kim Jaehan, casse-toi.

PDG Kang: Do you think this is a joke?

Other messages were also revealed.

Below are the messages from Spire Entertainment CEO Kang and President Hwang Seong Woo as several members tested positive for COVID-19.

Chairman Hwang: It’s an emergency situation. Pull yourself together.

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Chairman Hwang: Members, pull yourself together and act professionally. You must have a group mentality, that’s how you should react.

Members : OK.

Chairman Hwang: This is how you experience a real experience. Don’t do anything in your corner. We are at war.

Chairman Hwang: We are in Chile. It’s an emergency crisis. Nobody will help you. Much luck.

Chairman Hwang: Members Hyuk, Jehyun, Yechan and Kevin (who were suffering from COVID-19 at the time) will perform 3-4 of the 15 songs and rest backstage. Jaehan will tell the fans that they are not well and he will apologize to the fans. Then the fans will think it’s okay. Or the four can try to play the softer songs.

Hyuk: I have a fever and body aches. And I have no voice at all.

Chairman Hwang: So Hyuk, just say hello to the fans and stay out.

PDG Kang: If you feel sick, just take a warm bath.

All information about the case:

Recently, President Kang Seong Hee of Spire Entertainment, OMEGA X’s agency, came under fire because stories and an audio recording portrayed her as physically and verbally assaulting the boy band members.

The agency claimed there was a misunderstanding and voices were raised during a discussion, but there was no abuse issue. However, SBS News later revealed a video showing CEO Kang’s behavior towards group members, a video showing her verbally and physically abusing the members.

We then learned that the Los Angeles members of OMEGA X had been abandoned by their CEO and agency. In fact, the CEO and employees returned to South Korea, but the members of the group and one manager were left without money. The members therefore had to return home alone, relying in particular on the help of their parents to buy their plane tickets.

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Since then, members have created their own Instagram account to comment on the situation and denounce the pressure exerted by the agency. This led to CEO Kang’s resignation, and the agency vowed in a statement that things would be different now for the members of the group, with the company blaming mostly the chairman.

Recently, SBS revealed the hell the group members went through at their agency, also stating that Spire Entertainment demanded millions of euros from the boys, and the members have since revealed that the CEO touched them without their consent and threatened to kill himself make her do what she wanted.

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