Sarthe: A hunting party kills a dog in front of its owner

Sarthe: A hunting party kills a dog in front of its owner

During a hunt on Wednesday January 11, in Villeneuve-en-Perseigne in the Sarthe, a pack of seven hunting dogs entered private property and pounced on a couple’s dog behind their house. The animal died shortly afterwards at the vet.

Taken by the throat under the helpless eyes of its owner. During a hunt in Villeneuve-en-Perseigne in Sarthe on Wednesday January 11, a pack of seven hunting dogs suddenly entered a couple’s private property and pounced on their dog. . The animal died a short time later at the vet.

According to Ouest-France newspaper Leeloo, the dwarf German Spitz was with another six-month-old dog, a Breton spaniel, on their owners’ property when it happened.

At around 4:00 p.m., the owner heard barking coming from her living room. Then she left her house and saw a pack of dogs trained to hunt wild boar.

She ‘lay on the floor with severe breathing difficulties’

From then on, events took a very different turn: “I saw how these dogs, crossing my fence behind the property, landed near my house,” said the resident of Villeneuve-en-Perseigne.

If the Spaniard managed to flee into the house, Leeloo “didn’t have time to react”. One of the seven dogs pounced on her and grabbed her by the throat. Helpless, Danielle Truchet watched as the latter escaped while holding Leeloo in his mouth before slamming her to the ground against the goal.

“I approached my dog ​​by phoning a member of the hunting team who was standing in front of my gate on the public street and asking him to pick up the attacking dog. But my little dog was on the ground with great difficulty breathing,” said the Villeneuvoise.

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The owner then contacted a veterinarian. Put on a drip, Leeloo died a few moments later, as Danielle Truchet and her husband found out by phone.