Sambo Used During Reconstruction, Why Orange Prisoners’ Clothes?

Sambo Used During Reconstruction, Why Orange Prisoners’ Clothes?

During the reconstruction of the killing of Brigadier J, the Inspector General Ferdy Sambo seen wearing orange prison uniforms. But why is the prisoner’s uniform orange?

This orange color is not the original color chosen. Everything has a history.

It started in the 19th century, when prisoners wore black and white stripes.

However, according to Slate, prisons did not wear black and white clothing in the early 20th century. The reason is because these colors and designs were considered to be associated with certain groups.

In addition, this shirt was canceled because it was seen as a way of humiliating and humiliating in that it was not considered appropriate or useless.

Since then, the color of the prisoners’ clothes has not been identified. Different prisoners have different colors of prison clothes. New York State abolished prison uniforms in 1904, switching to jackets and hats made of gray fabric.

North Carolina continued the black and white stripes until 1958. After that it was replaced by a color scheme based on the levels of inmates: uniform gray for high security inmates, brown for medium, and green for low.

It was only in the 1970s that the prison began to take in some prisoners wearing orange clothes. At that time, only some prisoners wore orange clothes, for example in special conditions of detention (such as temporary detention), while walking, or during press conferences. So why is the prisoner’s uniform orange?

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This also gives a special impression that orange is the new black make prisoners. Orange is common because prisoners often change their clothes to orange before going out in public.

People often associate the color orange with prisoners because prisoners wear orange to be more visible outside the prison. This means they can be easily seen because they are wearing bright colors.

In his writings at the Gate of Inquiry, the reason why the prisoners’ clothing is orange is also to make the prisoners visible, difficult to escape, and to distinguish different groups in the wire, as it happened to those who were in prison.


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