Rouen: Noé Chardron found dead in the Seine

Rouen: Noé Chardron found dead in the Seine

Noé Chardron, 21, has been missing since December 28, 2022 and was found dead on the banks of the Seine in Rouen on Sunday January 22.

A dramatic discovery. This Sunday, January 22nd, the body of Noé Chardron was found in the Seine in Rouen. The young man, aged 21, had been missing for a month and was actively sought by his family and the police, who remained hopeful of finding him. The young man’s family had launched an appeal for witnesses on social networks and even organized a fight on January 7, 2023.

“Noah, maybe you’ve decided to change your life. We understand you. Just give us a sign of life through someone you trust or otherwise,” his father wrote in mid-January.

A suicide?

After his disappearance, a disturbing letter was found in the young man’s home, in which he stated his desire to end his life. “He specifically states that he wants to end it,” his father had reported.

An investigation has been launched by the police to tell us more about the circumstances of this tragedy.

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