Roland-Garros 2023: what is the “immersive tennis” that France Télévisions will open?

Roland-Garros 2023: what is the “immersive tennis” that France Télévisions will open?

The most important French tennis event of the year has not yet started and France Television is already announcing this year’s innovations. And this year they did well with “immersive tennis.” Explanations!

For this 2023 edition of the RG Lab (Roland-Garros Lab), the Innovation Department of France Télévisions and the Sports Department are presenting various prototypes on the theme of “Immersive Tennis & AI”.

But what is immersive tennis? The aim of Immersive Tennis is to enable you to relive real game footage captured on Philippe Chatrier court. To benefit from this experience, you must have access to VR chat in full motion capture. VRChat is an online virtual world platform that allows users to interact with other people through user-created avatars and 3D worlds.

If you don’t have such equipment, don’t worry, you won’t be left out like Rafael Nadal this year. You can also access it for free thanks to the Roblox game available on mobile phones, tablets and PC.

This year, the general public began to take control of artificial intelligence through Chat GPT. France Télévisions has recognized this and is researching these advances in collaboration with the Korean company DeepBrain AI. The latter aims to humanize digital interaction with people. Thus, a virtual assistant will present the various innovations proposed in the RG Lab in French and English.

The last major innovation this year is volumetric video. Tennis players have been caught on video performing technical gestures, such as a serve. And thanks to the HOLOSYS technology developed by 4Dviews, you can view these gestures in 3D from different angles and at different speeds. A very good way to try and copy your favorite player’s backhand.

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In short, this year innovations are very important for this edition of the RG Lab 2023 and maybe thanks to virtual reality you will see a French in the second week.