Reversible air conditioner price comparison

Reversible air conditioner price comparison

The temperatures keep rising. Summers are very hot and winters alternate between cold temperatures (and dry weather) and “hot spots” which are not normal at this time of year. The ideal would be to upgrade your home in terms of insulation. But we don’t have all the means! Have you ever thought about a reversible air conditioner? Requesting a quote for a reversible air conditioner is a good solution.

First advantage of reversible air conditioning: significant savings since it consumes 25 to 40% less than traditional heating in winter. This winter saving will offset the use of air conditioning to cool the house in the summer.

If you take care of this (e.g. have a check carried out every two years), your heat pump will have a maximum lifespan of 20 years.

When preparing your estimate to determine the best deal, look at the unit’s coefficient of cooling energy efficiency (SEER). Basically, the more its coefficient has an “A+” or “A+++”, the less you risk spending.

Before considering what to buy, remember that even with a reversible air conditioner, there are temperatures that must be maintained in order for it to be effective. In this way we avoid the temptation to skyrocket the temperatures in winter and get very cold in summer. The good temperature in winter is between 20 and 23 maximum; for the summer between 24 and 26. The air conditioning is not as we think to make it cold in the summer but to make the difference between inside and outside bearable. Another tip: A warm room is not necessarily a guarantee for a good night’s sleep. A temperature between 16 and 18° is often recommended.

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What are the best brands?

Undoubtedly, we can see that the Japanese brands are the most popular.
The price range extends from Daikin from 499 euros to Toshiba from 950 euros. On the Korean brands page you can find LG or Samsung with prices between 550 and 750€. We can also find European brands positioning themselves in this market to compete with foreign brands in Europe (like Technibel or Whirpool). But whatever the choice, in order not to be “trapped” at the time of after-sales service, take a “well-known” brand, this will avoid worries. And if you are “owner” or “landlord” you are entitled to the €1 bonus paid by Anah (National Housing Agency) at the end of the works.

You can also claim a tax credit for installing a reversible air conditioner. Its amount varies between 15 and 30% of the total cost of the project.
What about the Effy bounty? It is intended for those who want to carry out energy-saving renovation work, an aid based on the system of energy-saving certificates (EWG). Paid by “Action Logement”, it can go up to €20,000, but we are talking about much more extensive work here.
It represents the best value for money for some users, but again, it’s a good idea to check before launching V