Renaud: successful return to the stage for the singer whose fans are totally won over

Renaud: successful return to the stage for the singer whose fans are totally won over

Eight months after the release of his album “Métèque”, the singer Renaud made his big comeback on stage in Avignon for the start of his tour entitled “Dans mes cords”. To the delight of his fans, conquered at the end of the concert.

“Magnificent, magical, fabulous, a resurrection…”, the fans of Renaud who had the opportunity to see him on stage this Tuesday, January 24th in Avignon, where the first of his tour was held to celebrate his great comeback , were in heaven.

He sang at La Scala Provence to an audience of 600 who bought their tickets in just 10 minutes when they went on sale.

Almost six years after his last concert, the singer proved that the stage was still “on his strings” with the first date of a tour “in complete privacy” that will include around forty until July, including several in Paris.

“I have more love, more desire, more hate, more desire, more nothing,” attacked the 70-year-old singer, wearing a red sailor top, black jacket and brown cowboy boots, cheering a full house.

In an elegant and sober scenography that gives prominence to the play of light, the singer delivered a show entirely in nostalgia, carried by a benevolent audience from which regularly “Renaud, we love you” or “it’s no big deal” burst forth. as he seemed to apologize in a sometimes uncertain tone.

“Renaud, we love him above all for his lyrics,” says Emilie Joulain, 40, delighted that her two children, aged 8 and 10, were able to discover the singer on stage.

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“We all looked at each other at the beginning of the concert, reassured because we were all amazed by his voice, it was better than on his last tour,” for his part came Kévin Nabet, 32, a Renaud fan from Paris.

From the front row, “we could see it very clearly. He couldn’t hide, it was incredible,” adds the young man, who didn’t expect to see his idol on stage again.

Great classics and rarities

For an hour and a half, the popular singer, who hadn’t returned to the stage since 2017, performed some of his greatest classics, from “Morgane de toi” to “As soon as the wind blows” via the indispensable “Mistral winner”. or “En pregnant”. Love songs for many, others more political, but timeless.

“You always like the old ones,” he said with a shy smile after singing “When do we go where?” in front of the 600 spectators who faced him in this old historic cinema in Avignon city center, converted into a theater since July.

He continued to conquer the space, drawing from a repertoire that has rarely been performed live in recent years, such as “Adieu Minette”, a song from his second album “Laisse Béton” (1977), or even “His blue”, which dates back to 1994 .

“It’s a more intimate show, very different from what we’ve seen before,” said Manon Prigent, 32, who traveled all the way from Brest. “He performed songs that you rarely hear, we have a feeling he wants to have fun,” she continues, quoting “As long as there are shadows” or “In your bag”, taken from the album Merchant of Pebbles” (1991). .

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Still stands

In fact, after the release of “Métèque” in May, an album of covers in which he revisits standards by Yves Montand, Georges Moustaki, Higelin and even Jean Ferrat, Renaud had ruled out touring again, saying on RTL, that he “also had a lot of trouble” with his “hoarse” and “rocking” voice on his last tour in 2016, “Phoenix Tour”.

What we saw tonight “promises a great tour, we didn’t want to leave,” says Kevin, who has already made plans to see the singer’s six concerts scheduled in Paris in May. By July, Renaud is planning forty appointments in France, Switzerland and Belgium.