Regina King pays tribute to her son a year after his suicide

Regina King pays tribute to her son a year after his suicide

Through her Instagram account, Regina King wanted to pay tribute to her son Ian Alexander Jr. this Thursday, January 19. A symbolic date as it is his birthday. The man who took his own life two days later last year would have been 27 years old.

A moving homage. On January 21, 2022, Regina King (Watchmen) learned of the death of her only son Ian Alexander Jr. by suicide just two days after his 26th birthday. This Thursday, January 19, the actress, who was very close to her child born from her relationship with actor Ian Alexander Sr., paid tribute to her memory on her Instagram account by sharing the video of a in the sky published rising lantern.

“January 19th is Ian’s date. While we still mourn his physical absence, we celebrate his presence. We are all in different places on this planet. So does Ian… His spirit is the common thread that connects us. Of course, orange is your favorite color… it’s fire and calm. I see you in everything I breathe. My favorite is Regina, the mother of Ian the GodKing. Keep shining bright, my guiding light,” she wrote. A text that deeply moved the actress’ subscribers, according to the comments she left.

On January 15, 2021, just over a year before his suicide, Ian Alexander Jr. took to social media just days before his 25th birthday.

“Having you as my mother is the greatest gift I could have wished for. Being everything you are while always making the time to be there and loving and supporting me unconditionally is truly precious. You have nothing to envy to Marvel, you are the superhero! I love you mom today and every day,” he wrote.

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