Recreational cannabis: the ESEC for regulated legalization

Recreational cannabis: the ESEC for regulated legalization

Faced with the “inefficiency” of the French government regarding cannabis in terms of public health, the Economic, Social and Environmental Council (CESE) this Tuesday, January 24th, decided through an opinion project for a supervised legalization of this soft drug pronounced The choice.

Preventive measures considered “ineffective”. This is the observation made this Tuesday, January 24, by the Economic, Social and Environmental Council (CESE), which advocates the supervised legalization of cannabis through a draft opinion put to the vote.

According to ESEC, “from a public health perspective, the preventive measures taken are generally ineffective, especially among young consumers who are increasingly exposed to uncontrolled products”. This civil society advisory body, made up of associations and trade unions, has therefore decided to set up a commission to open the debates that are “often caricatured on this subject”.

In addition, the panel felt that the ban not only defeats prevention, but also “strongly mobilizes the police and judiciary, with no real impact on the scale of human trafficking and consumption levels, which remain the highest in Europe.” “.

The goal would therefore be to take inspiration from countries like Canada, Malta or even Germany, which should legalize recreational cannabis by 2024. Rather, it would then be a matter of regulating production, distribution and consumption.

Create a production and distribution chain

In fact, ESEC recommended distribution in legal outlets, subject to licensing, prohibited to minors and where a strong prevention message would be disseminated.

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This method would thus have several advantages, in particular for the French economy by creating a local production and distribution sector where “the logic of public health takes precedence over profits with a framework for production volumes”.

It should be noted that, in addition to a specific tax for preventive measures, the ESEC has recommended no longer penalizing the use and cultivation of cannabis for personal use and allowing individual cultivation in “collectives”, using the example of the Cannabis-Social -Clubs is cited.

According to a study by the French Observatory on Drugs (OFDT) and Drug Addiction (OFDT), cannabis remains the most widely used illicit drug among the French population. This study of cannabis use in 2021, conducted among 23,661 adults aged 18 to 64, reports that 10.6% of the population smoked it at least once a year.