Recipe That Works: Homemade Chicken Steak, Delicious and Easy

Recipe That Works: Homemade Chicken Steak, Delicious and Easy

You may be interested in eating chicken meat Brisia Jodie, who recently started getting sick.

It’s just that, waiting for a single meal of Chicken Steak can be frustrating because you have to queue for a long time.

To eat Chicken Steak, you have to be in the waiting list which can be more than four days. Instead of being sad and hungry, there’s nothing wrong with trying to make your own chicken version at home.

After not waiting for a long time, you can eat chicken meat as much as you want, and of course the cleanliness and the amount of spices can be adjusted according to your taste.

Here is the recipe for Chicken Steak and you can copy it at home. This recipe is for two main dishes.

Domestic chicken

Main ingredients:

– 500 grams of chicken thighs, head meat. Save the bones and skin, they can be used for other dishes if you want.
– 1 lemon
– Enough butter
– 3 cloves of garlic, crushed

Relevant factors:

– 200 grams of broccoli
– One medium carrot
– 150 grams of peeled white corn
– Two large potatoes

Marinade and sauce:

– 5 tablespoons of a bottle of BBQ sauce (if you don’t have it you can skip it)
– 1 teaspoon ground pepper
– Half a teaspoon of salt
– Two spoons of mushroom or chicken
– Two tablespoons of sweet soy sauce
– Two spoons of tomato sauce
– Five spoons of water

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How to do it:

1. Clean the chicken, beat it with a knife but do not crush it. Add lemon juice to get rid of the fishy smell. Set aside for three minutes, then rinse again under running water.

2. Mix all the sauce ingredients, boil until boiling. Pour some sauce over the clean chicken. Put in the refrigerator. Leave it up to 30 minutes or an hour.

3. While waiting, wash suitable vegetables, boil until half cooked. Add a little salt when boiling, remove. Soak in ice water to stop the cooking process. Try half-cooked vegetables as the sweet taste and texture are preserved.

4. Clean the potatoes, cut them according to taste. Boil for five minutes. When boiling add salt and black pepper. Raise, drain.

5. Prepare a frying pan, add margarine. When it is hot, add the boiled potatoes and fry until it changes color. Remove Save on a plate with cooked vegetables.

6. Prepare marinated chicken. Put it in a very hot pan, add crushed garlic together to release the aroma. Saute the chicken until it is cooked through and the spices are lightly browned.

7. Remove, serve with vegetables and potatoes. Viral chicken steak is ready to eat.


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