Reasons to Remove Watches and Belts When Checking in at the Airport

Reasons to Remove Watches and Belts When Checking in at the Airport

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Choose the mode of air transport or airplane she had to take a different route for her passengers. One of them is checking in at the airport.

You may find checking in at the airport difficult, as not a few airports do double check. However, this is of course only for reasons of safety and comfort during pregnancy board.

Check-in at the airport is among the official rules stated in the General Directorate of Civil Aviation Regulations 2010, safety procedures for passengers, crew, and cargo must be followed by two. security checkpoint.

Passengers must be checked before boarding check in and check-in before boarding, passengers must remove wristwatches, belts and shoes during check-in at the airport.

The protocol also states that upon entering the check-in area, passengers are asked to remove their coats and hats. Currently, the pre-boarding inspection is getting stricter, where all the metal that is placed in the box must be removed to be tested by the X-Ray machine.

As reported Alternative AirlinesIf all of your metal equipment is removed and the metal detector on your body continues to beep, you may be asked to remove your shoes.

There is a metal element on the belt. (Photo: weinstock/Pixabay)

If it turns out the metal detector keeps beeping, you have to do it physical examination with officials in a closed room. This law applies to everyone.

The app removes watches and belts during the scan because these items have metal components that cause the metal detector to come on during the scan. In order for the inspection process to run smoothly, these items must be removed. In the back there is also a knife tied to his belt, to deceive the search.

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Although you are in a hurry, you have to check in at the airport. If you refuse, you may be charged with possession of prohibited items. The purpose of the study is for mutual safety.

This system is also to prevent passengers or people from carrying weapons, dangerous devices, and materials that can be used to commit crimes and endanger other passengers and aircraft.


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