Real Life Kdramas – Part 2

Real Life Kdramas – Part 2

Although most kdramas are fictional stories made from scratch, some are not.

In fact, some kdramas are inspired by true facts, be they anecdotes or important historical facts.

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In the first part, we have discussed 5 kdramas that are inspired or based on real events.

Now let’s discover 5 more together.

  1. The Hymn of Death

KDramas based on real events – Part 2 K-Selection

This mini-series is based on the tragic story of a writer, Kim Woo-jin, and a soprano, Yun Sim-deok. Set in the 1920s, the miniseries explores the power of true, selfless love and sacrifice.

The popular Korean song Praise of Death was the actual inspiration for this heartbreaking kdrama. Come prepared with a box of tissues because this kdrama will bring tears to your eyes.

  1. The red sleeve

The Red Sleeve Episodes

“The Red Sleeve,” which tells the heartbreaking love story between a young maid (and later concubine) named Deok Im and the handsome Crown Prince Yi San, broke many hearts.

Inspired by documents and eulogies written by King Jeongjo for his favorite concubine Seong Ui Bin, The Red Sleeve is an achingly beautiful K-drama about two lovers and their tragic love story.

  1. Move to the sky

move to heaven netflix

One of the most underrated Korean kdramas is based on an essay titled Things they left behind written by Kim Sae-byul, a South Korean cleaner. In an interview with a major Korean daily, Sae-byul revealed his experience cleaning the home of a 70-year-old man whose body was discovered weeks after his death.

Move to Heaven Netflix season 1

This incident is recounted in one of the most tearful episodes of the series. The creators of Kdrama are to be commended for keeping the narrative interesting while poignantly capturing the sensibility of the subject matter.

  1. signal
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One of the most immersive and popular Korean kdramas, Signal may seem a little fantastic due to the way two police officers interact in different time periods, but it was inspired by real crime events.

The show’s creators capitalized on the shocking kidnapping of Park Choroung Bitnari and the heinous and unsolved Hwaseong serial murder case, in which several women were raped and killed by Lee Chun-jae.

  1. taxi driver

KDramas based on real events – Part 2 K-Selection

Taxi Driver is an intense crime thriller that tells the story of Kim Do Gi, a former Special Forces agent who becomes part of Team Rainbow Taxi, a vigilante service, after the murder of his mother. As a member of this team, he uses his special abilities to help people seek revenge and seek justice.

Drama taxi driver 2021

Most of the cases he faces are based on real-life incidents. The Cho Doo Soon case, the release from prison of a sex offender, caused public outrage, and the treatment of people with disabilities was highlighted in the events on Purple Island in Jeolla province.

KDramas based on real events – Part 2 K-Selection

The Kdrama also highlighted incidents of bullying at school and harassment in the workplace. Returning for its second season, Taxi Driver will have new cases to deal with for Kim Do Gi.

Have you seen these kdramas?