Ravi (VIXX) finally confesses his crime and admits illegally evading military service – K-GEN

Ravi (VIXX) finally confesses his crime and admits illegally evading military service – K-GEN

Ravi eventually admitted his guilt.

It was recently revealed that police are investigating a group of people who are working with a neurologist to help wealthy people avoid (or reduce) military service by providing false medical certificates.

Then, last January, it was revealed that the group had been arrested by the police for sending their “clients” (wealthy people) to a neurologist at a major Seoul hospital to receive a false diagnosis of epilepsy, and this, in order to do this, obtain exemption from military service or demotion to civilian service for their service instead of performing active military service as a soldier.

Ravi (VIXX) was particularly suspected of using this device to evade active duty, just like Actor Song Duk Ho.

Ravi had denied his involvement in this scandal, while Song Duk Ho had admitted his guilt and left the drama he was filming.

Police later released the names of the 42 men who used bribes to forge their medical documents to avoid their service or to circumvent it by avoiding active service as a soldier. Ravi was not on the list and it was said at the time that he had been exonerated as his representatives said he was never involved in the story.

However, on this March 6th, we learn that Ravi is indeed one of the suspects, and even that he has already admitted his crime in court.

A warrant for Ravi’s arrest had been requested on March 2, but the judge denied the warrant, ruling that there was no need to hold him pending the case’s progress. In fact, the judge believes there is no way he can leave the country or destroy evidence.

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The judge also revealed that it was unnecessary as Ravi had already admitted his crime and admitted his guilt during the inquest.

According to the judge: “In the light of the evidence gathered so far, the suspect has admitted the allegations against him. His residency and work history are stable, and considering various factors such as social ties, it’s hard to say that there is a need to hold him down at this point. »

In this case, 23 people have already been confirmed for the process, and more are to follow in the coming weeks.

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