Ravi (VIXX) escaped military service as a soldier on suspicion of corruption; Your agency pronounces – K-GEN

Ravi (VIXX) escaped military service as a soldier on suspicion of corruption; Your agency pronounces – K-GEN

Ravi (VIXX) is suspected of participating in a corruption network to evade active military service as a soldier.

It was recently revealed that police are investigating a group of people who are working with a neurologist to help wealthy people avoid (or reduce) military service by providing false medical records.

Then, on January 12, it was revealed that the group had been arrested by the police for sending their “clients” (wealthy people) to a neurologist at a major Seoul hospital to get a false diagnosis of epilepsy, and this in order to obtain an exemption from military service for their service or to be demoted to community service instead of serving active military service as a soldier.

Those arrested reportedly gave the names of people who had sought their services, including an idol rapper who started out in a group. The idol in question reportedly left a variety show in May 2022 before enlisting in public service in October. People were quick to point fingers at Ravi since he left 2 Days 1 Night earlier in Maywill start his public service in October.

Through this group, he would have been able to obtain a leave of absence for public service, although he is said to not suffer from epilepsy. Without this waiver, he would have had to report as a soldier on active duty.

Following this, GROOVL1N, Ravi’s agency said:

” Bonjour.
This is GROOVL1N.

We would like to make our official statement on the reports released today.

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After receiving the report, we investigate the truth of the situation.

It’s fair to provide an explanation as soon as possible, but since the issue is related to military service, we feel it only appropriate to first find out the details and then provide detailed explanations later. We are therefore trying to understand the details at this time. Even if there is a request for an investigation into this matter, Ravi will diligently comply.

Further details will be announced in a separate press release at a later date. »

Source: xportsnews