Rarely Understood, Here Are 3 Signs You’re ‘Standing Up’

Rarely Understood, Here Are 3 Signs You’re ‘Standing Up’


Duration’silence silence‘ suddenly in the spot. Viral in social mediathis word refers to the practice of working as it is or working according to the ‘meter’.

Leaving silence and it is considered as a call for positive feedback of action. Psychologists also assess silence silence could be one way to achieve the goal work life balance.

Although it is considered to have negative connotations, human resource experts actually think that this trend has a positive and healthy effect.

The reason is, with this concept, employees can set clear boundaries with their work.

This concept is actually not new in the world of work. There will always be employees in the company who work by meter. This is considered as a response to the fatigue experienced by the employees.

But nowadays, this trend is led by Gen Z who are increasingly aware of the importance of life.

So, what does a person’s behavior actually do? silence silence?

1. It is rarely included in the agenda of the office

Leaving silence one of which can be seen from the employee’s involvement in the company’s agenda.

Rarely participating in company agendas or meetings may indicate that someone has become quiet and withdrawn.

Market Cow CEO Jack Bishop said, “They showed a lack of engagement and interest in the company’s agenda.” Reading Reading.

2. Lack of commitment

describe a work eventExample. Lack of motivation is one of the characteristics silence silence. (iStock/Jacobund)

A lack of commitment can also be a sign of silence.

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For example, an employee who rarely suggests other ideas. Instead of giving advice, they do what the leader tells them to do.

3. Rarely socializing with colleagues

It is not unusual for someone to do it silence silence stop interacting with other colleagues.

This is usually shown by not having time to chat with friends, both casually and officially.


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