Rain sentenced for suddenly “falling” and going to Korea? • Kpop News

Rain sentenced for suddenly “falling” and going to Korea? • Kpop News

Although Diamond Lover has garnered massive attention, the Chinese series has always faced controversy over behind-the-scenes issues.

In 2015, Rain traveled to China to film the television drama Diamond Lover, in which he starred alongside Tiffany Tang, Luo Jin and Dilraba Dilmurat. With such programming, the series enjoyed explosive popularity on the airwaves.

“Diamond Lover” can be considered one of the most commercially successful love dramas of its time. It has also made great actresses Tiffany Tang and Dilraba Dilmurat China’s top stars.

However, as the series drew to a close, it was also embroiled in a lot of controversy, with Rain drowning in criticism.

diamond lover
“Diamond Lover” faces various controversies.

Rain convicted of returning to Korea while filming is still ongoing

“Diamond Lover” revolves around the romance between Mi Mei Li (Tiffany Tang) and the handsome company president Xiao Liang (Rain). After an accident, Mi Mei Li transformed from an obese person with low self-esteem into a beautiful and confident person and changed her name to Mi Duo. From then on, Mi Duo pursued Xiao Liang with her new identity and joined Xiao Liang’s company Tesiro Diamond as an aspiring jewelry designer.

bi rain

However, as she struggles to hide her former identity as Mi Mei Li, Mi Duo gets into various troubles. At the same time, his unusually close friendship with Lei Yiming (Luo Jin) makes Xiao Liang green with envy. On the other hand, haughty celebrity Gao Wen (Dilraba Dilmurat) came on stage and chased after Lei Yiming, despite claiming in the media that she liked Xiao Liang.

bi rain
Rain and Tiffany Tang in Diamond Lover

The aforementioned love “rectangle”, which introduced many hilarious and emotional situations, attracted the tremendous attention of Chinese audiences. However, the series finale would have ruined everything.

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In particular, most viewers firmly believed that Xiao Liang and Mi Duo would become a couple by the end of Diamond Lover, only for Mi Duo to suddenly turn on Lei Yiming.

At first the audience was furious and rushed to bombard the ‘Diamond Lover’ director. However, after learning the reason for such an end, it was Rain who faced severe criticism in China. It turns out Diamond Lover was supposed to be 90 episodes but was cut to 68 episodes. In fact, Rain returned to Korea early on while filming was still ongoing, leaving the production team with no choice but to cast Lei Yiming as the male lead.

However, in response to such criticism, Rain fans gave their own reasons. According to them, Rain originally signed a 40-episode deal just for the production team to stretch the drama to 90 episodes. It was only compressed to 68 episodes after Rain showed his tough point of view, and the singer-actor has only returned to Korea since his contract ended. Although filming isn’t over yet, Rain still has alternate dates planned in Korea, so he just can’t host “Diamond Lover,” which has already been running much longer than promised.

Luo Jin, from pathetic supporting actor to sudden male lead

On the other hand, even the actor cannot predict that Rain left the project early and Luo Jin’s character was “promoted” to the male lead. In Diamond Lover, the characters of Luo Jin and Tiffany Tang are happily ever after, while the character of Rain was never mentioned again.

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Not only morphed into a dramatic male lead, but Luo Jin also successfully courted Tiffany Tang in real life. The duo then reunited in The Princess Weiyoung, this time playing the role of the “real” lead actor.

Luo Jin and Tiffany Tang had happy endings on screen and in real life

In October 2018, there were rumors that Tiffany Tang and Luo Jin went abroad for their wedding. At the time, however, both sides were silent. Only on the 28th of the same month did the official announcement of a private wedding come out.

Even now, Tiffany Tang and Luo Jin remain affectionate and affectionate whenever they perform together. They rarely reveal any information about their private life to protect their children’s privacy.

Did Dilraba Dilmurat Outshine Tiffany Tang in Diamond Lover?

In addition to Tiffany Tang, actress Dilraba Dilmurat also made a strong impression via “Diamond Lover”. Most notably, Dilraba Dilmurat was still a relatively unknown name at the time, especially compared to Tiffany Tang.

Dilraba Dilmurat

Playing the haughty celebrity Gao Wen, Dilraba Dilmurat has won the love of many viewers. In fact, many people said that Dilraba’s Gao Wen “totally eclipsed” Dilmurat’s Tiffany Tang’s Mi Duo with her gorgeous looks.

Additionally, Dilraba Dilmurat rose to stardom after Diamond Lover and would go on to star in and claim Eternal Love, Eternal Love of Dream, The Blue Whisper and The Long Ballad. Position of a great Chinese actress born in 90’s.

Regarding the behind-the-scenes look at Diamond Lover, some staffers claimed that Tiffany Tang and Dilraba Dilmurat have a bad relationship due to intense comparisons between the two. Of course, that was just a rumor, and the two actresses might just have been friendly rivals.

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