Queen Elizabeth’s Last Style In Public Before Her Death

Queen Elizabeth’s Last Style In Public Before Her Death

Queen Elizabeth II died on Thursday (8/9/2022) at the age of 96. The news of Queen Elizabeth’s death shocked the world, because two days before her death, Queen Elizabeth was holding a national event at Balmoral Castle in Scotland.

The royal family’s Instagram account showed Queen Elizabeth’s last public appearance before her death. In this photo, Queen Elizabeth shakes hands with the new British Prime Minister, Liz Truss. This time is more special because for the first time in the 70 years she has been in power, Queen Elizabeth has appointed a prime minister outside of Buckingham Palace.

Queen Elizabeth looked more casual than usual wearing a dress and cardigan Shades of gray with a patterned skirt Tartar The prophesied Balmoral was designed in 1853 by Prince Albert, Prince Consort to Queen Victoria.

The Balmoral tartan has become a private royal property that can only be worn with permission from Queen Elizabeth. In history, only Piper to the King was allowed to use it.

Queen Elizabeth's last public appearance before her deathinstagram.com/theroyalfamily

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