Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin was made of oak and lined with tin

Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin was made of oak and lined with tin


War Elizabeth II He died on Thursday (8/9). The body in the coffin of Queen Elizabeth II currently rests in Saint Giles Cathedral.

Funerals for members of the British royal family are always well planned as there are many details that must be followed. Another interesting thing is the coffin that was used. In fact, British kings were buried in coffins made of lead.

Queen Elizabeth’s funeral procession will take place over the next 7 days, with a gun salute and bells tolling from Big Ben ahead of the funeral on September 19, 2022.

Like Prince Philip, the Queen will be buried in an oak coffin that was made for her more than 30 years ago, which weighs up to a ton, because it was made of lead.

Members of the British royal family are known to be buried in coffins lined with lead for preservation, including Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin.

Quoted from The heart of the mindthis is because the lead sheet can seal the coffin from moisture, which can cause the body to take longer to decompose.

When Princess Diana died in 1997, her coffin also contained this special lining, which made it weigh about 244 kilograms.

As air cannot enter, nothing can be expelled. This container also allows for no odors to come out during the sterilization process.

The English monarchs followed this practice for at least four centuries. Queen Elizabeth I and King Charles II are recorded to have been buried in lead-lined coffins, as well as dignitaries such as Sir Francis Drake and renowned artists such as George Frideric Handel.

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The question is, why should the British royal family focus on this?

He explained that in some cases, they may move the coffin to another place. This is what happened to Princess Alice, Prince Philip’s mother. So of course they don’t want any bad smell coming from coffins, including that of Queen Elizabeth II.


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