Queen Elizabeth II’s Beloved Necklace and Bracelet Full of Memories

Queen Elizabeth II’s Beloved Necklace and Bracelet Full of Memories


The dead War Elizabeth II he has a large collection of jewelry. This jewelry starts from necklaces, rings, to bracelets that are often used in many public appearances.

Queen of England for 70 years as Queen, Elizabeth knows how to combine diamonds with everyday clothes that are elegant and eye-catching while still being simple.

Fashion designer Suzy Menkes, as reported by Vanity Fair, said that the queen had a simple style in terms of accessories, just a simple diamond necklace, a brooch on the collar, and a diamond engagement ring. – diamond.

The queen usually wears her own jewelry on weekdays. Also, she continues to use special occasions as an opportunity to show off some of Buckingham Palace’s best jewelry.

Here are some of the jewelry that Queen Elizabeth used to wear throughout her life during the 70 years she ruled England;

1. The Duchess of Teck

In 1945, the Queen went on a royal tour of Australia. He was seen standing on the balcony of the Melbourne Government Building. At the time, she was seen wearing the earrings of Queen Mary, Duchess of Teck and some flowers which she wore as a skirt.

2. Kalung Festoon King George VI

Queen Elizabeth II attended a performance at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in November 1964. She was wearing the George VI Festoon Necklace and Queen Mary’s Daughters of Great Britain and Ireland.

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The tiara was a gift for Mary’s 1893 wedding to the future King George V.

3. Suite King George VI Victoria Sapphire

Princess Elizabeth II met Ava Gardner and Frank Sinatra at the London Coliseum in December 1951. She wore a necklace and earrings made of a sapphire that was melted into the necklace.

4. Queen Mary’s True Lover’s necklace, earrings and knot

Queen Elizabeth II attended the opening ceremony of Trinidad’s Parliament in February 1966. She was wearing a British and Irish tiara, a royal necklace and earrings.

Queen Elizabeth II’s Beloved Necklace and Bracelet Full of Memories