Queen Elizabeth II Tea Bags For Sale IDR 178 Million

Queen Elizabeth II Tea Bags For Sale IDR 178 Million


Die War Elizabeth II last Thursday (8/9) attracted the attention of the world. Even today, many things are associated with the Queen.

Apparently, many parties have used this opportunity to sell or auction various items related to the deceased.

The items include a tea bag that the Queen dipped into one of the cups that were used in the 90s.

According to News18, after the Queen used it, the tea bags were allegedly taken out of Windsor Castle. Now, the tea bag has appeared on eBay with an impressive price tag of $12,000.

In the statement, the seller said CNN broadcast the Queen using the bag in late 1998.

Also, the seller notes that, after Queen Elizabeth used it, the tea bags were taken out of Windsor Castle by an exterminator who was specially called in to help the Queen with the cockroach problem in London in the 1990s.

Not only that, the tea bags used have the Certificate of Authenticity issued by IECA (Center of Excellence in Real Estate Documentation).

Written on the Certificate of Authenticity is “certain beyond doubt that this statement is true: This is a tea bag.”

It is even said that this tea bag used by the Queen is something special. This was revealed by a seller from Decatur, Georgia, USA.

In addition to the tea bags, many other items also caught the eye, such as a life-size statue of the Queen, all of which were sold for US$15,900.

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The seller also claims that the statue has real human hair, resin eyeballs and resin teeth made using dental veneer products.


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