PSG: Soon an agreement between the Paris Club and SNCF for travel?

PSG: Soon an agreement between the Paris Club and SNCF for travel?

After the controversy earlier in the season, PSG are still in talks with SNCF to find a solution for their trips and according to Le Parisien, a meeting should be held soon to reach an agreement.

A deal soon on the way? After the controversy at the beginning of the season over PSG’s air travel and the statement on sand yachting by its coach Christophe Galtier, the capital city club and SNCF continue their talks to find common ground and “concrete solutions” future movements of Marquinhos’ teammates. The two parties had planned to meet again in the near future, the director of group travel for the train company, Nathalie Lanier, confided in the Parisian.

The talks will relate to travel from next season onwards as the Parisian club have already booked all of their air travel until the end of the season. “We have agreed to start looking at next year’s travels at the beginning of the summer, when the Ligue 1 calendar will be known,” said Nathalie Lanier.

But before a solution is found, there are still a few issues to be resolved. When PSG were ‘open and reassured’ to certain proposals, the reigning French champions made several requests that could not be accepted. The club asked to privatize an entire train and be able to return after games late at night. But he was met with opposition from SNCF, which was only willing to privatize three carriages from a train.

“We will not privatize a train that can accommodate 500 customers for 60 people. In terms of carbon footprint, we wouldn’t be in the nails at all,” said Nathalie Lanier. A night return cannot be organized due to maintenance work on the tracks. “So we could go back and forth when they play during the day,” said the SNCF group tour guide.

Other issues should be on the agenda: player comfort and safety. The latter is a key issue. And with the help of special agents, a safe route could be set up, allowing players to reach the completely empty platform before boarding the train. What then travel in peace to the destination.

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