PS Congress: Olivier Faure claims victory again

PS Congress: Olivier Faure claims victory again

The first secretary of the outgoing Socialist Party, Olivier Faure, reiterated in the JDD on Saturday that being re-elected in the militants’ vote was “an irresponsible departure,” according to his opponent Nicolas Mayer-Rossignol, while the commission was still reviewing the results in progress.

The PS sinks a little deeper into the crisis. This Saturday night, outgoing First Secretary Olivier Faure reiterated his victory in the JDD. His opponent, on the other hand, did not like words at all. For Nicolas Mayer-Rossignol it is “an irresponsible departure”. And that while the committee to determine the results was still in progress.

“The result is crisp and clear. The time for voting is over,” announces Olivier Faure, who adds: “I am grateful to the Social Democrats for confirming me in the most beautiful capacity, leading and invigorating the Party of Social and Environmental Justice.”

A PS press release on Friday morning announced the victory of the outgoing Olivier Faure with 50.83% of the members’ votes, but the result was contested by the Mayor of Rouen, who cites numerous incidents that could skew the result.

“I demand appeasement, transparency, respect for democracy”

A review commission was therefore convened this Saturday from 1 p.m. so that the two parties could agree on the figures for the Marseille Congress on January 27-29. At around 10 p.m. it was still going on.

Nicolas Mayer-Rossignol responded on Twitter by denouncing an “irresponsible exit” while “our party puts on a disturbing spectacle while the Examination Commission is in full swing”. “I again call for appeasement, transparency, respect for democracy and activists,” he added.

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For Olivier Faure, his left assembly line with Nupes, linked to LFI, EELV and the PCF in May, is in the majority: “Everyone has to admit that a line has formed and therefore it is not a question of leaving the assembly left and environmentalists. A rolled up PS, a PS that only talks to the PS, that’s a dead end.

In addition, he promises that “Nicolas Mayer-Rossignol will be involved in the strategic directions, especially for the Europeans, since he has expressed his main concerns on this issue from the beginning”.