Prostitution Business, Prada Fires Chinese Model Li Yifeng

Prostitution Business, Prada Fires Chinese Model Li Yifeng

Many international brands including luxury fashion houses Prada and the health care company Haleon Plc has cut ties with the famous Chinese actor and singer Li Yifeng.

This happened because the police detained Li on prostitution charges as the government continued to crack down on the entertainment industry.

Beijing police arrested 35-year-old Li on charges of “repeated prostitution” and reportedly pleaded guilty to the charges, according to a Weibo post by the Beijing Public Security Bureau. a government CCTV report.

Also, his detention follows some Chinese and international companies announcing that they have cut all business ties with the actor, including Prada, for which Li is a brand ambassador.

Sensodyne, the British toothpaste division of Haleon, and Zhenguoli, the dairy company of Chinese dairy company Mengniu Dairy Co., also decided to fire Li as a model because he did not show good value for their brands.

In addition to modeling for luxury brands, Li is also the face of Asics, Budweiser, Chinese herbal medicine manufacturer King To Nin Jiom, and golf equipment manufacturer Honma.

All of the above brands cut ties with Li on Sunday (11/9), WWD reported.

With more than 60 million followers on the Twitter-like Weibo platform, Li joined the boycott of Hugo Boss AG over its promise not to use cotton produced in Xinjiang state, due to Muslim concerns. The Uygur minority did forced labor.

In the meantime, the Beijing government has attacked some Chinese celebrities who are accused of immorality, because of concern about the influence they have on children. In addition, this was done to reduce what the government called the possibility of disrupting the community.

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