Prometheus (6×52 mins) | The Law of Series #679

Prometheus (6×52 mins) | The Law of Series #679

In this new installment we meet the team of TF1’s new bet, Prometheus, which starts on March 16th.

To explain to us how a fantastic series is born on TF1, welcome to Nicolas Jean (creator), Alexandre Campos (director) and our Prometheus, the promising Fantine Harduin 😲

What is Prometheus? Hit by a car and yet without consequences, a young 17-year-old girl remembers nothing. Neither where she comes from nor who she is. She just has a weird first name: Prometheus. Framed by those who knocked her out, she begins having violent visions that connect her to a crime scene whose killer is still at large. Was she a witness? Is she involved in this murder? Prometheus, like everyone else, wants to know who she is. Especially when she discovers amazing physical abilities…

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Also starring: Fabrice Deville and Justine Lacroix in The Law of the Series

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