Prisoner Island: Is a Season 2 Possible?

Prisoner Island: Is a Season 2 Possible?

While France 2 will air episodes 3 and 4 (of 6) of Prisoner Island tonight, would a season 2 be possible for the series?

To start last Monday The Prisoner Island was at the top of the hearings, averaging 4.5 million viewers. Good news for the channel, which offered a new genre, an action series “at the level of men”. But as you’ll see in the series finale, the end of Episode 6 signals a possible opening. guests from The row law on VLwe asked Elsa Bennett and Hippolyte Dard if a sequel was in the works:

« By changing the title for the sequel (as has happened with shows like The Lake Killer), anything is possible. A season 2 is definitely being considered. We talk about it with Michel Bussi, who has had this idea in his head for 20 or 30 years. When he imagined the story, he first imagined it in the mountains in the snow. If we make a sequel, we can decline on another island or place. This is also being discussed. But that went so well with Michel that if there’s a sequel, we should be too.«

Should there still be season 2, the decision will only be made after the last two evenings and provided that the hearing is maintained.

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Penhic is a small island off the coast of Brittany with no history until the day about twenty armed activists land and imprison the residents. Alpha, their leader, has everything planned except for the shuttle connecting Penhic to the mainland to escape them, allowing five passengers to hide on the island. Who are these activists? What do you want? Who is the stranger on the shuttle returning after a ten year absence? Will our five heroes be able to thwart Operation Océanite Storm? Will Candice find the love of her life on this occasion?…

Also available to listen to: Prisoner Island (6×52 minutes) with Elsa Bennett and Hippolyte Dard | The Law of Series #671 | VL Media (