Princess Diana and Her Legacy for Reproductive Health

Princess Diana and Her Legacy for Reproductive Health

Exactly 25 years ago, on August 31, 1997, news spread around the world. Dina’s daughter He died in a car accident.

Although she is not famous, the image of Princess Diana is known to the world. He is known to care about many things, including one mental health.

This effect has been dubbed ‘The Diana Effect’, which is a result of her willingness to tell her painful stories. In this way, Diana seeks to suppress the problem of psychological problems.

What did Princess Diana encourage about mental health issues? Here are some of them, where they bring different information.

Diana dared to speak openly about mental health issues

In the final days of her marriage, Diana opened up about her unhappiness in her marriage to Prince Charles. He also talked about the emotional damage caused by the problem.

Concentrate A healthy line, in an audio recording she made for journalist Andrew Morton, Diana spoke candidly about her abuse. Including the issue of lack of trust in his marriage.

Without judgment, Diana also talked about bulimia and her desire to end her life. Bulimia is an eating disorder characterized by the tendency to binge eat.

This confession shocked the world. One study even showed an increase in people reporting eating disorders after Diana tried to open up.

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Diana reminded of the importance of mental health care

Britain's Princess Diana greets guests at the Bolshoi Theater in Moscow on June 15, 1995 before teh concert. Example. Princess Diana has encouraged people to be brave enough to speak out about mental health. (Vladimir MASHATIN/AFP)

Not only this, at a conference held in 1993, Diana also spoke about the importance of solving mental health problems.

Isn’t it normal not to be able to control it [tekanan mental] ever? Isn’t it normal for women and men to be disappointed in life? Isn’t it normal to be angry and want to change a painful situation?” Diana asked.

“Maybe we need to look more closely at what’s causing the illness instead of trying to suppress it. Acknowledge that covering up grief with emotions is not a good option,” Diana added.


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