Princess Candrawati’s White Cabinet Handbag Is A Spotlight During Reconstruction

Princess Candrawati’s White Cabinet Handbag Is A Spotlight During Reconstruction

Reconstruction Kill Brigadier J on Tuesday (30/8). Not only the suspects, the happiness of the Inspector General’s house Ferdy Sambo and in spots.

In the reconstruction of Polri TV, there is a special room that gives the impression of luxury. A room that is supposed to contain a large collection saying the luxury of his wife, Princess Candrawati.

The room is a hallway with two white painted glass windows facing each other. At first glance, the room looks like a bedroom which is usually used to store a collection of clothes and other accessories.

In one of the closets, an array of luxury handbags appeared to be stored inside.

It was not revealed how many luxury bags were stored. However, one bag is in the spotlight.

The bag is at the end of the closet that the camera shines on. The color of the bag made her stand out. The bag is said to be similar to the Jodie Bag from Bottega Veneta.

If so, the Jodie Bag price range is definitely not a joke. The price also varies, but it will probably be tens of thousands of rupiah.

Online shopping site Net-A-Porter, for example, sells the Jodie Bag Bottega Veneta for US$2,500 or about Rp. 31.7 million. a shopping mall, I’m TheresaSelling the Jodie Bag for 1,900 pounds, or about Rp. 33 million.

It is also noted that the Jodie Bag is available in several e-Commerce platform Local Indonesia.

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Not just red, the Jodie Bag also comes in a variety of color options like green, lilac, black, grey, and many more.


The Jodie Bag was released on its own in the spring of 2020. The Jodie bag is considered one of Bottega Veneta’s newest products.

This bag is made of leather from the famous brand Intrecciato which is decorated to create a beautiful small bag.

This bag is named Jodie because of the work of actress Jodie Foster. Foster once protected himself from paparazzi attacks by using a Bottega Veneta bag.


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