Previous questions about BTS V are resurfacing and going viral for answering conflicting answers from Korean and international fans

Previous questions about BTS V are resurfacing and going viral for answering conflicting answers from Korean and international fans

The previously asked question about BTS V has resurfaced due to the contrasting reactions from both Korean and international fans.

On March 6, a post went viral in an online community. In the post titled “International Fans Say No While Korean Fans Say BTS V Question Is Good,” the author shared a funny anecdote about BTS V asking a question.

This happened in late 2021. V from BTS uploaded cooking ramen to his Instagram story. Then he asked for (a messaging app).

— Post author

The author of the post then uploaded a question that BTS’ V had previously asked. On a messaging app, V uploaded a photo of a pack of kimchi. The picture shows that the kimchi is about two months old and is one month past the stated expiration date. The idol then asks his fan if he can continue eating it.

Questions. It’s Bibigo kimchi, but since it becomes “stale kimchi” after it’s expiration date, it should be good to eat, right?


International fans naturally commented that V shouldn’t eat the kimchi as it was past its sell-by date. Fans expressed concern about the idol’s health and expressed concern about eating food that was past its sell-by date.

However, Korean fans had a surprisingly different reaction when BTS’ V ate the “expired” kimchi.

  • “As long as there is no mold, it’s fine.”
  • “Grandpa, you know”old kimchi‘ is actually the most delicious, isn’t it?
  • “It’s actually better (when it’s aged), you know.”
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The reason why Korean fans agreed that V was the “Expired” Kimchi is that kimchi is a fermented dish and therefore, as long as it is stored properly, it will keep for years.

Kimchi one month (left), three years (middle) and seven years (right) |

In Korea, kimchi is usually mass-produced in November/December and is consumed by families all year round.

A family makes kimchi |

As the seasons change, so does the taste, smell, and texture of kimchi. Many Koreans actually prefer the flavor of aged kimchi over freshly made batches.

Fresh kimchi (left) vs aged kimchi (right) |

Netizens said they also prefer to eat stale kimchi, saying it would have been more than okay if V had eaten the kimchi, which was just a month past its sell-by date and only two months old. .

| elqoo

  • “(Aged kimchi) is actually better, you know.”
  • “If it’s a month (it’s past its sell-by date), then tossing in the broth is perfect.”
  • “If you don’t open the packaging, it doesn’t even mature as quickly, so the expiry date doesn’t really matter.”
  • “This kimchi is basically new, LOL.”
  • “LOL, that’s delicious kimchi.”
  • “I prefer that (my old kimchi). When you make fried rice with it, it’s delicious, AF, LOL.”
  • “Like kimchi that’s years old.”
  • “If you haven’t opened the package then it’s probably not that ripe yet, LOL. It’s actually better (when the kimchi is stale).

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