Premier Single Pour Blueberry Soda – Stylediacreativo

Premier Single Pour Blueberry Soda – Stylediacreativo

The Japanese group blueberry soda released their first physical single in Japan on May 3rd. The title track is a ballad written by Yasushi Akimoto and is called “Tenshi ga Toru“. This single is available in four editions: CD+DVD Type A, CD Type B (Limited Edition), CD Type C (Regular) and CD Edition Universal Music Store. For information, the contents of the editions “Type C” and “Universal Music Store‘ offers a third track. The title has been available in digital form since December 11, 2022.

The group began its activities with Season 2 of the show “The day I became an actress” (TBS). This made it possible to identify the members of the group. It currently consists of seven members: Sara Kozawa (winner of the show), Ohira Kurumi, Otake Aika, Ai Tamura, Ohashi Koharu, Umakoshi Yuri etc Yuka Suzuki. The group is produced by Yasushi Akimoto.

CD content:
1. Angel Pass
2. Blueberry Flavor
3c. If I could be the breeze
3d. Endless midnight

Content of the DVD:
1. Tenshi ga Tsuru music video
2. Making of

Here is the clip for “Tenshi ga Toru“:

Source: official site, fandom

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