Portrait of the Young Queen Elizabeth II: Lilibeth the Poker Face Dancer

Portrait of the Young Queen Elizabeth II: Lilibeth the Poker Face Dancer


War Elizabeth II died in Balmoral, England on Thursday (8/9). Considering his youth, pictures of a young Queen Elizabeth II are seen smiling.

During his lifetime, he was known for his friendliness and smile.

What does the young Queen Elizabeth II look like? Here are some unique facts about Queen Elizabeth II that are not known.

1. Named Lilibeth

The Queen was christened Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor of York, in honor of her mother, paternal grandmother and great-grandmother. But since she was a child, her family knew her as little Lilibet – because she couldn’t pronounce “Elizabeth” properly.

In a letter to her grandmother, Queen Mary, the young princess wrote: “Dear grandmother. Thank you so much for the beautiful little dress. We enjoyed staying at Sandringham with you. I lost my big tooth yesterday morning,” before signing. “Love from Lilibet.”

The title became very popular after Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, named their daughter Lilibet Diana in 2021.

2. He never went to school

this does not mean that he has no discipline. Portrait of Queen Elizabeth II The young man was always educated at home with a private tutor along with his sister, Princess Margaret.

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3. The love of Scottish dancing

Portrait of Queen Elizabeth II The girl loves the role of Scotland.

Every year during her stay at Balmoral Castle, the Queen performs a dance known as Gillies’ Balls, for the neighbours, the castle’s household and staff, and members of the community.

4. Children’s home, not staying at Buckingham

The Princess’s early years were spent at 145 Piccadilly, the London house her parents took shortly after her birth, and at White Lodge in Richmond Park.

5. Strong swimmer

According to various sources, he is a swimmer. He won the Children’s Challenge Shield at Bath in London when he was thirteen years old.

6. She does not belong to the party

19-year-old Elizabeth and her sister, 15-year-old Princess Margaret, begged King George VI and Queen Elizabeth’s mother to join in on the fun. They agreed that they could leave the palace at nine o’clock at night, but only if the girls left with a team of 16 guards.

“We’re afraid people will find out,” said Queen Elizabeth, quoted by the Smithsonian.

7. Poker face

Quoted from the NZ Herald, Elizabeth often gives the impression of a great character. But after that, many see his “poker face”, but those who know him describe him as having a wicked sense of humor and the ability to imitate someone else. But this poker face is just for fun.

8. Boat

Portrait of Queen Elizabeth II the Younger, she signed up as a Girl Guide when she was eleven years old, and later became a Sea Ranger.

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