Popular YouTuber Aori releases a damning video exposing Heart Signal contestant Seo Ju Won’s cheating

Popular YouTuber Aori releases a damning video exposing Heart Signal contestant Seo Ju Won’s cheating

Youtuber theory (real name Kim Min Young) posted a video revealing her ex-husband, Seo Ju wonHe had cheated on her several times.

Aori (left) and Seo Ju Won (right) | Browsing posts

On January 11, Aori posted a YouTube video titled “I’ll Tell You the Things I Couldn’t Until Now.”

In the video, Aori revealed the reason why she divorced her ex-husband Seo Ju Won, explaining that her husband cheated on her many times and demanded a large sum of money during the divorce.

I found out that he had cheated on me and had to see him with several women and I learned that everyone knew about it but me. I felt like an idiot. He filed for divorce and wanted a large sum of money as settlement, so I had to defend myself (in court). I had to defend my business and I’ve often wondered how long I had planned to do this.


Aori also spoke out in a viral Instagram post shared by Seo Ju Won in May 2022, in which he appeared to attack Aori, to whom he was still married at the time. The post alluded to a court battle that many saw as evidence of the couple’s estrangement.

Message from Seo Joo Won | @juwon_rd/Instagram

Now it looks like I’ll have to fight you. I thought you would end up taking the blame, but you found a way out. Remember when I said that a trial is an evidence battle and that you shouldn’t leave a trace? So don’t leave any. You’ve been gone for so long

— Seo Ju Won

Regarding the message at the time, Aori denied it was meant for her, telling a news outlet: “it was nothing like that.” In the video posted Jan. 11, Aori admitted she couldn’t help but wonder if the job would really be for her.

I have been faithful throughout my marriage. But he uploaded a message in which it appeared that I was being unfaithful and because of this I was labeled a “cheat”, which caused me great pain. I still don’t understand why he posted this and I don’t understand what he meant by that.

— Seo Ju Won

Aori then revealed that she helped Seo Ju Won financially during their marriage, and yet her ex-husband asked for a large sum of money during their divorce.

The maximum I received for my emotional pain was a pair of at most 10.0 million KRW (about 8,050 USD). Distributing assets was a whole different story. They said whoever has more money should give more money. I felt that I had already provided him with sufficient financial support throughout our marriage, but he still asked me for a large sum of money.


Aori then ended her video by noting that the divorce was finalized in October last year. Aori assured fans that while it was difficult at first, she feels like she’s gotten stronger since the divorce and will continue to work towards becoming a happier and more fulfilled version of herself.

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Now I’m divorced. The label felt like a burden at first and I was scared and didn’t have the courage. However, after many struggles over the past year, I feel like (divorce) has become a new foundation. I will use the Foundation to become a better version of myself. My heart races at the thought of living Aori’s Life Part 2 and I will work to be happy.


Aori is a popular YouTuber with over 600,000 subscribers. He married Seo Ju Won, best known as a contestant on the dating show. heart sign. The couple married in 2018.

On January 11, reports that Aori had filed for divorce, as well as a separate lawsuit against an alleged lover of Seo Ju Won, went viral. Seo Ju Won’s representative later clarified that the couple divorced in 2022.

“Heart Signal” candidate Seo Ju Won is said to have cheated on his wife – wife files for divorce

You can watch Aori’s full video at the link below.